How to Modernize An Interior Oak Railing Using Paint?

One of the easiest ways to revamp your living place is to apply paint on your interior oak railing. Because interior oak railings are prone to receive a lot of traffic, you should apply paint on it to keep it looking new. If you have an old oak railing, the best way you can modernize it is toModernize An Interior Oak Railing Using Paint apply a fresh coat of paint. Once you have chosen the paint color for the oak railing, all you need are some basic painting techniques.

Preparing the Surface:

The first step you need to do is to prepare the oak railings you want to paint. First, you need to mask off all areas with a masking tape that you do not want to be painted. Once done, you should wipe down the oak railings with a tack rag to remove any excess dust and debris. Surface preparation is necessary especially if your existing interior oak railing is already painted. In such cases, you first need to remove the existing paint before adding a new coat. During the surface preparation, you should also thoroughly sand the individual oak rail lengths as well as slats by using a mild sandpaper.

Choose the Best Primer and Paint:

Once the surface preparation is done, the next step is to choose the best primer and paint for the interior oak railing. No matter which paints you choose, you should follow all safety precautions as mentioned on the product label. Priming is important when it comes to modernizing your interior oak railing. You should make sure to choose the type of primer that matches the type of paint you want to use. For example, if you are using latex paint, you must choose a latex primer. While priming the interior oak railing, you should wear the proper safety gear. Before applying the primer on the interior oak railing, you should make sure that the wood isn’t wet or damp. To avoid dirt and debris, you should work on a day that isn’t windy to prevent dirt from contaminating the oak rails as you apply paint on them.

Painting the Railings:

Once priming is done and it is properly dry, you can apply paint on it. Start working slowly and paint each rail smoothly. You should be careful to not allowing any clumps to build up. Once you are done with painting all rails and slats, you should paint the length of the top and bottom of the horizontal rails.

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