What Color Other Than White Look Good On Trim?

No matter it is simple or decorative, interior trim is something that often doesn’t get much attention. Trim is frequently being colored in white, without considering other color alternatives. The truth is that interior trim can be colored in any other hues that you like. Whether you arebest trim color for white walls thinking of a bold hue or something that can attract the attention of your visitors, here are color alternatives to use for your trims.

Try Bold Colors:

If you want to paint your trim in a bold color other than white, there are a lot of options that you can try. A bold colorful trim can provide your interior trim with a wild electric look and create a lovable atmosphere. Since your trim is always a comparatively small area, you can always paint it in a fun color like lemon, sky blue etc. However, you should use bold colors for your trim if you want a unique and electrifying experience in your home.

Create a Statement With Black:

You can choose black color for your interior trim when you trim to make a statement itself. If applied properly, black would really create a unique appearance and unlike with other bold colors, you will not need to worry that this trim color will become out of fashion quickly. Unlike white, a black trim can provide you with an amazing look and can create an instant highly fashionable appeal. Black trim can also look more fashionable and classic when blended with simple finishes like the wood floor and pale walls.

Highlighted Look with Gloss Finish:

You can treat your interior trim with a semi-gloss finish to give it a highlighted look. A gloss finish on the trim would look like a clean palette. You can even use a consistent color for the adjacent walls, ceiling, and trim. For example, using a matte finish for your walls and a satin finish for the interior trims will surely grab the attention of the visitors.

Go Natural with Wood Trim:

There are many house owners who prefer natural wood trim over any other trim colors. High quality well maintained natural wood trim is really beautiful and it will look good in the modern house as well. A naturally painted wood trim adds a great sense of earthiness and architectural interests to a normally painted room with white walls. However, it is important to get your trim painted by experienced wood workers.

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