Four Things To Ask All House Painters

Having paint work done on your home is a fantastic way to protect your exterior and beautify your interior.

There are four questions you need to ask before letting any painter start work on your home.

1. Can you give me both recent and long term references?

References will help you determine the painter’s ability to perform.

2. What is your Maryland Home Improvement Commission License?

The MHIC number should be clearly visible on your proposal. It is illegal in the state of Maryland to perform painting and other home improvements without this license.

3. How long is the work guaranteed?

When exterior work is not guaranteed, it is usually a sign that the contractor will use inferior paint or not properly prepare the surfaces.

4. Can I get a comprehensive, written estimate?

The scope of work should include areas to be finished, type of material, number of coats and special surface preparation.

Angus Sheldon

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