How Soft Washing An Asphalt Roof Can Make It Last Longer

As time flows, you may notice some unsightly dark spots that streak across your asphalt roof. These types of stains are actually caused by bacteria and algae growth on the roof. The algae growth typically occurs in the shaded area of the roof. According to the experts, this type ofsoft washing an asphalt roof mold and mildew can help deteriorate asphalt roof and shorten the life expectancy of the roof. Many homeowners take it a normal sign of wear and tear and many replace their roofs prematurely. However, the truth is you can easily get rid of this situation by soft washing. A proper cleaning of your asphalt roof will allow you to maximize the roof’s lifespan.

Soft Washing Asphalt Roof:

Soft washing is actually a unique concept that revolutionizes the roof cleaning industry by allowing high-quality chemical solutions to be applied to roof surfaces for the benefit of cleaning that surface chemically without applying much pressure. Due to this reason, soft washing nowadays is considered the most important change to the roof cleaning industry. While pressure washing can damage your roof and lead to expensive repairs, soft washing is a cost-effective and biodegradable solution.

Soft Washing Can Extend the Lifespan of Your Asphalt Roof:

The dirtier roof can attract more sunlight due to their dark color. As a result, your home becomes warmer and it also ages your roof prematurely. Apart from that, the bacteria, algae, and moss growth on asphalt roof actually contribute a lot to the degradation of your home and decrease the lifespan of the roof by up to 50 percent. However, soft washing not only cleans your roof and removes the dirt and debris from your roof, but it preserves and extends the lifespan of it as well. So, by paying cleaning charges to the soft washing professionals, you are actually saving money as you allow your roof to survive for a long time.

Soft Washing is Eco-friendly:

Besides saving your cooling costs, there is another benefit of soft-washing. During soft-washing, professionals only use a biodegradable solution that can destroy the algae and bacteria at their base. With soft-washing you don’t need to use any damaging chemicals, scraping, or pressure washing your roof to achieve the clean roof. This is an eco-friendly process in which less harmful cleaning substances are applied to the asphalt roof with the pressure of a water hose. This keeps your roof and the environment safe.

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