How To Choose The Most Durable Concrete Floor Paint?

When you have decided to spruce up your interior rooms and garages by adding some paint color to the concrete, you will always want to find the best concrete floor paint that is durable. The best concrete floor paint should be easy to apply and durable enough to last long. With so many concrete floor paint available these days, it can really be difficult to make wise decision on which paint to purchase. So here is a brief concrete-floor-paint-ideasdescription on which type of paint is the most durable for your concrete floor and why.

There are many different types of paints that can be used for concrete floor, for example: latex, epoxy, and alkyd base paints. These types of paints provide your concrete floor with a beautiful finish and make them resistant to oil, grease, and water. There are several companies that produce concrete floor paints and there are several brands available. Most of these brands use different combinations to produce a various types of finished looks, including sealer with wet look, lower luster sealer, high gloss etc.

Garage Floor Paint:

These types of pains provide your garage floors with beautiful finish like an auto showroom. These types of concrete floor paints are durable, tough, and oil resistant. They withstand most types of chemicals that are actually harmful for regular paint. You can find many different types of concrete floor paints in different style, while some of them are specifically made for basement and garage floors. Using these types of paint will not only increase the beauty of your garage, but it will make the garage floors more durable as well.

Epoxy Floor Paint:

Another most popular example of concrete floor paint that will be best for the floors in industrial zones is Epoxy Floor Resin. These types of coatings can directly be applied on the existing floor paints without any problem. This type of paint is good for using in confined areas. Epoxy paint is more durable than latex based paints and they also have the similar dampness control power. However, epoxy floor paint should be mixed properly but one nice touch of this paint has the ability to give the concrete floor a smoother finish.

Regardless of which type of paint you use, it is always important to arrange for proper ventilation for paint fumes. Using the best concrete floor paint brand and employing the professional paint contractors will ensure the durability of the final outcome of the project.

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