Different Types of Primer and Their Benefits

When it comes to interior painting, most of the homeowners just cannot wait to apply the first coat of paint colors to the walls. However, in order to get the most accurate paint job, one must take care of the surface preparation well. The final part of any surface preparation is types of primer paintpriming, which is considered the key to getting the long lasting and most appealing paint job.

Regardless of the type of paint you use, priming is always required to create an inviting surface to which the paint will readily adhere. Priming actually reduces chances of peeling paint and blister. By using a good quality primer you are also permitting the painted surface to develop more uniform color as well as sheen. This will actually help the paint enhance the appearance of the walls.

Specialty Primer:

Apart from that above mentioned basic benefits of primer, you can expect a range of benefits by using the so called “speciality primer”. However, the decision whether or not you need speciality primer mainly depends upon the type of material you are painting. Also, the condition of the surface you need to paint and the room in which the surface is located are also the chief determining factors as to which type of primer you should use.


Stain blockers are considered among one of the most popular speciality primers. They are used because of their ability to prevent grease, rust, smoke residue, and other types of stains from seeping through the completed paint job and sullying its appearance. In case you find signs of contaminants and stain marks on your wood work and the walls, you should always use stain-blocker to prevent the surface from stain.

Vapor Primer:

Another great primer to use in an interior painting project is vapor primer. Unlike stain-blockers or any other speciality primer, they are typically used in damp areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. These types of primers are generally used because of their power to keep moisture from passing through the walls to the exterior. Moisture’s in the air, if left unattended may damage insulation within the walls. By using the vapor primer, one can actually create a moisture barrier to help maintain a comfortable level of humidity insider your home. This creates a magnificent environment during the colder months.

There are many different types of primer available in the market. You should choose the suitable one for your paint job, depending on the type of surface you need to paint. The best is to hire a professional painting contractor in Owings Mills, MD to take care of the priming job before painting.

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