How to Pressure Wash Asphalt Roof to Remove Ugly Stains?

Asphalt roof staining organisms such as algae, lichens, moss etc often feed off the organic material in shingles. In other word, the stains on Asphalt roof actually eat the roof. This is a serious issue and if left unattended for many days, they will cause more damage. By removing the ugly roof stains you can greatly improve your home’s look and it will also help restoring your roof’s natural and healthy state.

As a homeowner, you may find it difficult to find proper information when researching Asphalt roof cleaning methods. However, cleaning the stains from Asphalt roof is an important task and if done wrong, the roof could completely be torn up and need replaced. This is an issue that should not be overlooked, but very often people do overlook these differences and they either receive very poor roof cleaning service or face trouble ever riding their roofs of moss.

Due to the root systems of these different algae and moss growths, the only way to get rid of these stains is to pressure washing the Asphalt roof. There are many roof cleaning contractors that use high pressure washing methods to remove asphalt roof stains. Mentioned Below are some of the most important aspects you should keep in mind when thinking about pressure washing your asphalt roof staining.

Check Your Roof Condition:

Before you hire a professional pressure washing company to remove staining organisms from Asphalt roof, make sure the company has checked the roof and qualified it for a roof cleaning. There are many older roofs that are in poor condition with severe balding or granule loss. This actually disqualifies these types of roofs for any aggressive pressure washing methods. This type of old roof should be replaced with a new one.

Find a Licensed Roof Cleaning Contractor:

Find a company that is qualified, licensed, and insured in performing all types of roof cleaning activities including pressure washing. Check the local trade journals and customer testimonials to look any issues for a prospective company. If you find any current or lingering issues, you should not work with the particular company anymore. Always visit the contractor’s office in person and ask them about the past projects they worked on. A good and honest pressure washing company will not hesitate to share any details to their potential customer.

Proper Equipments:

Once you have found your roofing company of choice, check whether they have proper equipments to do a good composition of roof clean and pressure washing treatment without any further damage to roof.

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