Three Questions To Always Ask Before You Get Your Home Painted

Choosing the most suitable painting contractors that are going to paint your house is a crucial decision. Your home is typically one of your most important and largest investments. This is the reason why it is so important to protect your life-time investment by applying fresh paint to the surface in every 5-10 years later. The goal behind this is to get the longest lasting paint job for the best price. Mentioned below are three most important questions you need to ask to the painting contractor before you get your house painted by them.

How Do You Prepare The Surface Before Applying Paint On It?

This is the most important question that is going to make or cancel the deal for the painter you are choosing. The surface preparation job required for any house painting project is everything. If the painting company you choose does not emphasize their step-by-step process to properly prepare the surface before applying paint on it, you should avoid the painter and choose a different one. The preparation job is more necessary when there are faulty areas on the surface of your home like peeling, fading, or chalking. If it is not prepared correctly, the new paint job is not going to last even for a year.

What Type of Painting Material Do You Generally Use?

This is another important question that determines whether you will continue with a particular painting company. Always ask the painting contractor what brand of paint equipments they are going to use on your home. This includes the actual paint, caulking, primer, paint brush etc. However, it is important to do your own research on the available paint brands to make sure you can cross-question the painter. Always choose a paint brand that is of high quality and durable. Under any circumstances you should not let the painting contractor use low grade or cheap materials on your house. In most cases, the painting companies will let you change the paint brands used on the house if you request it.

What Kind of Guarantee Do I Get?

If you choose a reputed and experienced painting contractor to get your house painted, the painter should stand behind their work. This is typically demonstrated with some sort of guarantee like a 3 year, 4 year, or 5 year. The guarantee or warranty offered by the painting company should cover both labor and materials if the paint job fails.

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