Painting Old Oak Kitchen Cabinets to Look Brand New

It is true that we will all admire beautifully painted oak kitchen cabinets. However, as time passes, the kitchen cabinets get older and the whole thing looks messy. The best way to regain the look and feel of an old oak kitchen cabinet is to apply a fresh coat of paint.Paint Old Kitchen Cabinets

Painting old kitchen cabinets is a time-consuming task and it can be a mess, if you don’t know how to paint kitchen cabinet like a pro. Therefore, the best way to paint old oak kitchen cabinets to look it brand new is to assign the task to a professional painter.

Prepare the Oak Surface for Paint:

The truth behind any painting project is a properly done surface preparation. The more you can scuff up the wooden surface with sandpaper, the more paint it adheres. This is the reason why laminated wooden surface is not a good choice to apply a fresh coat of paint. If you apply paint on a laminated wooden surface, it is not going to last long. If your kitchen cabinets are stained and have glossy finishes, you first need to de-gloss it to prepare the surface. Make sure all dirt and grease are gone and remove all hardware, knob, handles etc. It is also important to remove drawers before applying paint on the oak kitchen cabinets.

Prime the Surface:

The next thing you need to do is to apply a good quality primer on the old oak kitchen cabinets. You should avoid the all-in-one primer and paint products, especially when you are dealing with oak kitchen cabinets. Use oil based primer as paint adheres it the best and gives a long lasting result. In order to get a brand new look for your old kitchen cabinets, you must tint the primer so that it matches the final paint color.

Use High Quality Paint:

Do not try to save penny to buy low quality cheap paint when it comes to choose paint color for your old kitchen cabinets. You will surely get a better result and fresh new look by using high quality paint. When it comes to paint oak kitchen cabinets to look brand new, you should use two coats of paint as it is essential. By this way you will get a nice finish and the old kitchen cabinets will look like a newer one. Use a 2 to 2 ½ inch bush to get the best result.

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