Why People are Painting Interior Brick Fireplaces?

There are many people who want to paint brick fireplace to add an aesthetic appeal to their home. The first thing that comes to your mind when you want to paint your interior fireplace is to which paint to choose. In fact, there are many important points that you need to take intoPaint A Brick Fireplace consideration. Actually, painting the inside of your fireplace needs some extra cleaning to prepare the surface. If you have planned to light fires in your fireplace, it is important to use paint specifically formulated to withstand high temperatures.

Most of the paints that you can use on your brick fireplace can handle a temperature up to 1200 degrees. Even with that, there is a chance that the paint will peel and crack after a year or so. However, you can use the latex paint if you are not planning on lighting fires in your fireplaces. Also, there are many homeowners that prefer to use an oil-based paint.

Why Paint on Your Brick Fireplace?

Bricks in the fireplace sometimes look beautiful, but sometimes it’s really an eyesore. An untidy and old brick fireplace may detract from your ideal ambiance. The only thing that you can to prevent this situation is to apply paint on your brick fireplace. Actually, a fireplace is considered a major part of a home’s interior design. Therefore, it is important to think a lot about the color or paint that you would like to apply on the brick fireplace.

How to Choose Colors for Brick Fireplaces?

No matter what color you use on your interior walls, your brick fireplace should look different than the rest of the house. Choosing the color for your brick fireplace is the most important thing as it plays an important role in your design. You should choose colors with the same tones when you want the interior fireplace to blend in with the room.

Cleaning the Inside of a Fireplace:

In order to properly paint the interior of the fireplace, the first step that you need to do is to clean the inside of your fireplace thoroughly. Firstly, you should remove all ashes from the interior of the fireplaces. For example, there are many different steps that you need to perform when cleaning the inside of brick fireplaces like putting on protective glasses and gloves, using a stiff steel brush to scrub the interior of the fireplace with trisodium phosphate or TSP. The paint experts may also advise you to wash the inside of the fireplace with a clean, wet rag to remove the entire TSP residue.

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