How Proper Preparation Can Make An Exterior Painting of House Last More Than A Decade?

An exterior painting project involves more than we see in open eyes. For every hour that you spent in applying paint, an hour was likely spent in preparing the surface. Surface preparation is the key to a successful exterior paint job. If you neglect the surface preparation job, it can make maintenance much more difficult than it needs to be.

Over time, the extreme sunlight and temperature can take toll on exterior surfaces that are not prepared well. However, exterior surface preparation can make an exterior painting of house last many years.

Why Surface Preparation is Important?

Surface preparation helps in achieving a high bond strength, durability, and lifespan in any paint job. Different surfaces will require different methods of surface preparation. For example, sometimes you will require just brushing away the dust from the exterior surface of your house, while in other cases you may require more complicated surface preparation process prior to apply the paint. Mentioned below are some of the important steps to follow while preparing the surface for an exterior paint job.

Filling and Patching:

Before you apply paint of the exterior surface of your house, you should remove and replace any rotten or decaying timber. You need to fix all holes and cracks in the exterior surfaces by using good quality filler. It is important to apply filler with a putty knife. You should overfill the holes to compensate for shrinkage when it sets. If the movement is likely to occur, you can use flexible exterior grade filler.

Masonry and Brick:

The masonry and brick of the exterior surface of your house should also be prepped well. Scrape away any loose paint from the masonry and brick wall. It is also important to fill the holes with high quality masonry filler by using a broad knife or scraper. You also need to roughen the filler before it completely dries by using a brush. This helps to match the texture of the surrounding exterior surface. If you get a large hole to fill, it is wise to hire the professionals.

Exterior Sanding:

If the paintwork of the exterior of your house is in good condition, you don’t need to spend lot of time for the prep work. For the surface that has newer paintwork, only a light sanding will be enough. By sanding the surface, you can fix any small areas of peeling or cracking. However, all larger holes and cracks need to be properly filled and primed. In case you are working with a painted brick or masonry, it is important to power-wash the surface by using a high-pressure cleaner.

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