Why Using The Correct Brushes And Roller Covers Can Make All The Difference For Your Painting?

Selecting the correct brushes and rollers is an important step in making your paint jobs look better. Correct paint equipment’s help you do the tasks more easily and efficiently. In fact, high quality painting equipment’s like brushes and rollers are important when you need a consistent, long-lasting finish. Typically, better quality brushes and rollers are likely to apply a thicker, long-lasting, and uniform coat of paint than paint applied by using cheap quality paint brushes and rollers. High quality paint equipment’s also speed up the project and simplify your work.

In most cases, the tools you require will actually depend on the type of paint project you are handling and the type of paint you wish to apply. Mentioned below are some of the most important guidelines for any good paint job.

Types of Paint Brushes:

Professional painting contractors mainly use two types of paint brushes: one that is made of natural hair bristles and those that are made of synthetic materials, such as nylon and polyester. Both natural hair bristle and synthetic paint brushes are good for using on a painting project where you are using alkyd or oil-based paints and finishes. However, top quality natural hair bristle paint brushes are ideal for working with enamels or any topcoats.

It is also recommended to use only synthetic brushes, when you are working with any type of latex based paint. These types of brushes usually hold their shape and maintain proper firmness, no matter how much water they are exposed to. Good quality polyester brushes, on the other hand, are mainly used because of their affordable cost. Once you properly clean and store, polyester paint brushes will last long and you can use them to apply paint evenly and uniformly for the years to come.

Selecting Paint Rollers:

Paint rollers are often used for paint projects because of their seamless nature. They are faster and easier to use than any types of paint brushes. Paint rollers are more effective when working on walls, ceilings, and other surfaces that are large or flat. Paint rollers are also excellent for applying paint on exterior surfaces like stucco and concrete. Just like paint brushes, it is important to purchase high quality roller covers.

However, there are few cases when rollers are not recommended. For example, rollers are difficult to use in tiny and narrow places. When working with small and narrow spaces, one should need to buy many different sizes of paint rollers and a couple of paint brushes.

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