Why Removing Chalkiness from a Surface Must Be Done Before Painting?

One of the most important things of a paint job is how to prepare the surface before applying paint. One of the most difficult surfaces to prep is an aluminum or vinyl sliding which is chalky. In most cases, chalky surfaces prevent paint to properly stick to the surface and as a result, itprimer for chalky surfaces causes premature peeling. No matter which paint type you apply on the surface, if you do not remove the chalkiness from the surface, the end result will not be good. Mentioned below are some steps that you can follow to ensure a long lasting paint job.

Power Washing:

Power washing is must when you want to remove the chalkiness from the surface before painting. This is vital because power washing is what actually removes the chalk before the primer is put on. The end result will be good if you can add a mild cleaner with the power washer, so that it can actually help remove the chalk along with the pressure. For example, you can use a cleaner TSP-PF. This is a good cleaner which doesn’t leave a residue and does a great job in removing the chalk from the surface. Also, you can hand scrub the surface with a soft brush to make sure that the chalkiness is removed from the surface.

Scraping Away The Peeling Paint:

Once power washing is done, you need to scrape away the peeling paint from the surface. This will make sure that the surface is well prepared before the painting. By doing this, you can make sure that the newly applied paint will last as long as the surface is intact.

Priming the Surface:

Although priming is often not necessary before painting depending on the quality of the paint you are using, a good prime job ensures that the chalkiness is properly removed from the surface and you receive a brilliant paint job. Many high-quality paints come with inbuilt primer and using this type of paint can save your time and money.

Use Additives:

If your surface is too chalky, you can apply a good additive to ensure the paint adheres well to the surface. Depending on how much chalky residue is left on your surface, you can apply a good quality additive on your surface. If you have any questions regarding how to remove the chalkiness from the surface before painting, you can contact to a local painting rep to come out and take a closer look.

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