Three Exterior Projects That Must Be Complete Before Winter

The perfect time to take care of your house and take necessary precautions is before the winter. This is the time when you should take care of every little thing that can create a huge difference for your home. Mentioned below is a list of exterior projects that should be done before theExterior house painting in winter winter arrives. Even you prefer to choose the professionals to check and complete these tasks, it’s worth the money.

Check Your Roof:

The roof is something that you should always keep up to date. It is fine to inspect your roof by using a secured set ladder. If you are not familiar with using a ladder, you can use a pair of binoculars and look for any curled or missing shingles, broken caulk, cracked skylights, and roof hazards. It is recommended to complete all the repairing jobs of your roof before the winter, otherwise, the frost and snowfall in the winter may damage your roof permanently. If you’re unsure about how to start with the roof repairing task, you should call the professionals for major or minor repairs.

Exterior Walls:

Another important home improvement project you should complete before the winter is the exterior wall maintenance. You should look for any chipped or peeling paint on the exterior walls and repair the same immediately. It is important to scrape off all peeling paints and apply a fresh coat of paint. What you need to do is to power wash the entire exterior wall and check for any loose or peeling paints. If you are not comfortable with applying a whole lot of paint to the entire surface, you can spot paint the exposed surface before the winter. Under any circumstances, you should not leave your wood exposed since the wood will begin to rot in winter. Therefore, it is important to apply a fresh coat of paint on the exposed wood as well.

Caulking Exterior Windows and Doors:

Caulking exterior windows and doors is an important task before winter as it seals up all little cracks and holes where cold air might enter the home. Caulking is important for not only to prevent the cold air but also to prevent the moisture from entering your house. It is important to apply high-quality silicone caulk for exterior windows and doors as it is long lasting than other types. Before you apply new caulking, kindly make sure to remove all old caulking and dirt from the surface.

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