The Most Durable Paint You Can Use For A Bathroom

Choosing the best paint color for your bathroom is a bit difficult as you cannot use the same paint for the bathroom that you use for your bedroom walls. The golden rule is to choose shine paint sheen so that it becomes easier to clean the wall. The shinier the paint sheen, theDurable Paint For A Bathroom easier it is to clean the surface. Also, choosing a shinier paint allows the walls to better resist the moisture. There are many painting experts that recommend using semi-gloss paint in bathrooms as it helps to repel moisture. You can also choose eggshell and satin paint in case if your bathroom doesn’t get a lot of use.

Semi-Gloss Paint:

Semi-gloss paint is often considered the best paint finishes for bathrooms. This type of paint has a shiny sealed texture which is good for repelling moisture in your bathroom. You can use semi-gloss paint for your bathroom cabinets. A bathroom is a place where high humidity is a common problem, which can be harmful to some paints. However, with semi-gloss paint, you can expect a long lifespan with a very little maintenance. Also, you can find semi-gloss paint which is specially built for bathrooms. This type of paint can prevent mildew or mold growth.

Satin Paint:

Satin paint is another popular paint finish for the bathroom and is used mainly for its durability. This type of paint offers some sheen and can frequently be used in high-traffic areas of the home including a bathroom. Satin paint can also hold deep cleaning and scrubbing that bathroom surfaces usually endure. You can use satin paint for windows, doors, trim and other surfaces in a bathroom that you touch regularly.

Eggshell Paint:

Eggshell paint is another durable paint finish which can add a good texture to your master bathroom walls. This type of paint offers a little light surface that creates an attractive dimension. Not only is eggshell paint durable but it is good for bathroom walls and suits the walls that are bumpy, damaged, or warped. As the eggshell paint provides your bathroom surface with a smoother texture and low sheen, this will hide imperfections very easily. However, if you paint eggshell paint, it is important to purchase a good brand that is meant for bathrooms as the normal eggshell paint used for house paint is not designed to repel moisture or mildew. Therefore, it is important to spend some extra bucks to buy a good quality eggshell paint.

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