Top Color Trends That Are Going To Rule in 2016

Where you are still deciding which paint to use in your house interior in the next home renovation project, the color forecasters have already predicted what color will be the best for your house interior or exterior in the coming year.

Color forecasters can considered as part designer, part sociologist, and a part predictor. They collect information from the world, house building contractors, and the housewares industry. They usually attend numerous trade shows, scour showrooms, and go through magazines color trends in 2016to find out the latest and upcoming color trends. Following is a brief indication regarding what colors will be the recent trend and is going to rule in 2016.

Cherished Gold Shades:

2016’s chosen shade is an evolution from this year’s highly popular shade – copper blush. Copper blush with metallic tones will be the upcoming trendin the coming year. Cherished gold appears to be warm and subtle will appear good in fresh pastel walls. No matter if you live in a newly built home or an old home, the earthy quality of cherished gold shade will be a great choice for any type of space. To make it even catchy, cherished gold can be combined with a selection of coordinating hues to bring extra sparkle to your home.

Words and Pictures:

Typography and pictures is going to be the biggest trend in 2016. Homeowners will surely find their way off the words and pictures directly onto the walls. Words and pictures is actually a way of using letters as decorative motifs. You can even use a single oversized letter painted on the wall, or you can even use a handwritten message on your chalkboard wall. According to the color researchers, the idea of letters and type will best suit when it ranges from graphite grey to deep ink blue.

Tricky Pastel Shades:

Playful pastel shades are going to be the most emerging trend in 2016 as it has been in this year. Tricky pastel shades will look good with more typical black and white. This is a popular trend that features some bold and beautiful paint effects that easily complement the geometric and the random and giant wall effects. Pastel shades also a great way to celebrate the festive season. Dark and light combination, for e.g. deep petrol blue and rich greens are also going to be the best way to offer a contemporary and fresh look in your home in 2016.

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