How to Transform An Old Fiberglass Door?

You can save a decent amount of money and time by re-staining and old fiberglass door. By staining your existing old fiberglass door, you can open yourself up to a variety of custom stain options to give your house the character and feel you are looking for. Staining your old fiberglasstransform an old fiberglass door door can also provide the entrance to your home with a one-of-a-kind look and feel.

Fiberglass doors can be re-stained either hanging in the opening or by removing from the frame. If you are removing the door, make sure that you take precautions to protect it from potential damages. In order to remove the door from the casing, you should use a center blow and hammer. It is important to strike the hinge pin from the bottom properly so that it pops up. Also, it is recommended to remove all fiberglass door hardware like hinge pin and others.

Preparing the Door Surface:

Before you start applying stain on the fiberglass, it is important to prepare the surface of your existing fiberglass door. You need to strip the existing stain from the surface of the door and clean all dust, debris, and other surface contaminants. In order to get the best results, you should wipe all surfaces of the existing door panel. It is also important to mask off all the surfaces that will not be stained.

Staining The Door:

When it comes to stain the fiberglass doors, you should use a high quality, heavily pigmented, new gel stain. Before you start staining, you need to stir the stain until the texture is creamy. According to the paint experts, before you start applying gel stain on the actual fiberglass door surface, you should try applying stain on a small inconspicuous area of the door to check whether it achieves the desired color. Ideally, you should apply one coat of stain by following the recommended manufacturer’s dry time. It is also recommended to apply the stain by following a proper order on one small section of the door at a time.

Applying the New Gel Stain:

Once you open the can of new gel stain, you need to mix it thoroughly with a stir stick. You should start with any raised areas and then apply the stain evenly to your fiberglass door by using a natural bristle paintbrush. If you start staining with the raised areas, it will allow you to smooth out any abnormalities in the recessed parts of the door before the stain dries.

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