What Product Should I Use on my Deck, a Clear Sealant, Semitransparent Stain or Solid Stain?

For most homeowners, decks are considered the most important place to relax and entertain. A well-maintained deck exactly looks like an outdoor room. However, since decks are exposed to the external elements, as well as lots of foot traffics, they require good maintenance to

Best Wood Stain Buying Guide
Pooled water on finished deck with wood grain

keep them protected. You can maintain the beauty of your deck by properly staining its surface.

Before you start staining your deck, you need to make sure that the wood is properly dry and free of all contaminants. Actually, if you apply the stain on a damp deck surface, it is not going to adhere well and can crack or peel in the long run.

Another important thing is to clean the deck properly before applying stain on the same. The surface of the deck should be free from all mildew stains, dirt, debris, and other contaminants. In order to clean the deck surface for staining, you need to use a good quality wood cleaner and rinse the surface with clean water and let the surface dry for at least a couple of days.

The best time for staining your deck is when the air and wood surface temperatures are below 50 degrees and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. You should not apply stain on your deck under direct sunlight. Choosing the right type of stain for your deck is also important. Mentioned below are types of stains and their characteristics. You should choose the stain depending on your requirement and deck type.

Wood Toned or Clear Stain:

As the name implies, these stains are clear and lightly tinted and nearly transparent. When using, these types of stains allow the most wood grain as well as texture to show through. You can use these stains when you have a properly neat and clean deck.


These types of stains are also very popular among the homeowners. Semi-transparent stains are lightly pigmented and pass on more color to the surface on which it is applied. However, they still let the wood grain to be visible clearly. You can ask the professional painting experts whether you can use semi-transparent stain for your deck type.

Semi-Solids and Solids:

Semi-solid stains actually mask most the wood grain and allow some of the wood texture to be seen. On the other hand, solid stains completely hide the wood grain and allow very little of the wood texture to be visible. You can use solid stains if you want a rich and vibrant opaque finish for your deck.

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