What Types of Faux Finishes Are Most Popular Today?

Faux finishes are the best choice when you want to break the limits of ordinary wall paint. Faux finishes are ideal for creating surfaces that glisten in light or look like old-fashioned plaster. If you are one of those homeowners who prefer to think of a creative way to transform the faux finishnormal bare walls into something spectacular, faux finish is the most important choice for you.

The Faux finish actually gives your wall an artificial appearance to look like a material such as metal or wood. This also gives your wall an architectural style aesthetic. Mentioned below are some of the most creative faux finish ideas that are popular nowadays.

Faux Finish That Matches Your Most Love Fabrics and Materials:

If you are in love of the rough appeal of burlap and seagrass as well as the ultra smoothness of leather and suede, there are many faux finishes to transform your wall. However, you have to find out finishes and textiles that evoke an emotion in you that you’d love to carry onto your walls. It is important to try out a small area first before applying the finish to the entire wall.

Denim and Canvas Finishes Give a Casual Appeal to Interiors:

If you have a home with a formal style, then you may prefer a faux finish that comes with a slight pattern. This is just like your favorite denim jeans look for denim painting techniques. This type of small patterned faux finish can be achieved by using a small brush and dragging it vertically as well as horizontally through the paint for a small pattern, similar to casual denim.

Marbleizing Looks and Architectural Details:

These types of faux finishes are much popular among those who love the look of the veins in marble but can’t afford expensive materials in the interiors. For this, you have to look for a faux finish technique known as marbleizing that actually helps create the variegated looks of veins in the marble. At the same time, it increases the beauty of the varied colors with just a paint brush and the right paint.

Leather and Suede Faux Finish:

If you are looking for a faux finish that looks gorgeous and almost looks touchable, you may go for suede and leather faux finish. You can visit your local paint store to get the complete kits to get the ultimate look. Leather and suede faux finish can actually add extra beauty to your interior walls.

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