How Venetian Plaster Can Transform A Room?

Venetian plaster can be a great option for the walls in your room as it has several benefits over some of the traditional wall treatments such as vinyl or drywall. Venetian plaster is a kind of wall finish which is basically made of slaked lime as well as marble dust. This type of wall finishBenefits of a Venetian Plaster was originally seen in the walls in Venice during the late 16th century. However, Venetian plaster has become one of the most frequently used wall finishes in modern days. Mentioned below are few ways how a Venetian plaster can transform the look and feel of your room.

Add Versatility to Your Wall:

Venetian plaster is most frequently used due to its versatile nature. You can apply this type of wall finish to almost any type of interior walls, ceilings, drywall, wood etc. Apart from that Venetian plaster will be a great option for your exterior brick wall surfaces as well. This type of wall finish is considered the easiest wall treatment to use on interior walls.

Exceptionally Durable:

Another reason why Venetian plaster is used as a wall finish for all types of surfaces is that it is exceptionally durable. When applied on your walls, it dries to a rock solid hardness and resists any types of shrinking. As a result, it can prevent your wall from any potential impact that can cause your wall finishes to crack. By any chance, if you find an imperfect in your wall and you need to repair the same, Venetian wall finish can be easily repaired in no time and by applying a little effort. The repairing cost will also be a minimum as it won’t require replacing a broader section of the wall.

Easy To Maintain:

As mentioned earlier, Venetian plaster can be repaired easily and it is easy to maintain as well. If applied by the professionals, Venetian plaster can be applied to a variety of pre-mixed pigments and the same will last many years without fading. As a result, you will not need to repaint your wall in the coming years.

Another reason why Venetian plaster is used by many homeowners is that it wets and dries very quickly. As a result, you don’t even need to apply much effort to clean the exterior walls. This type of wall finish also allows water vapor to evaporate easily and protects the wall against any potential moisture. Also, Venetian plaster is environmentally friendly and all ingredients used for making this wall finish are natural and non-toxic.

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