What Are The Best Ways To Paint Ceramic Tiles in A Bathroom?

Painting can be considered as a fun and affordable way to freshen up the appearance of your old bathroom tiles. It is always possible to paint the whole tiled area of your bathroom with a new color or finish. Alternatively, you can add a small design or accent to provide your bathroomPaint Over Ceramic Tile in a Bathroom with a refreshing look.

If you have ceramic tiles in your bathroom, it is possible to apply a fresh coat of paint on it. You can always paint over ceramic tile walls in your bathroom. The only thing that you will lose is some of its interesting characteristics since the grout lines will be the original color as the tile. Also, if you have tiles that receive excessive water or wear, you should avoid painting the same. In other cases, there is no harm to paint your ceramic tiles in a bathroom.

Preparation of the Surface:

As with most of other paint jobs, the most important key to the success in ceramic tiles paint job is the surface preparation. The first step is to clean the tile to remove any dirt, mildew or soap by using a hard brush and bathroom cleaner. Once done, you should wipe out the surface with a soft clean piece of cloth. This will help you to remove any residue. Finally, allow your surface to dry properly.

Another important step is to sand the ceramic tiles with a fine grit sandpaper. This will remove the gloss from the surface and the paint will remain intact for years.

Applying the Paint:

When it comes to painting the ceramic tiles in a bathroom, there are two painting options that you can choose from. The first ones is latex paint, which you can apply with a bonding primer. The primer will help the paint to adhere to the surface. Don’t forget to allow the primer to dry for the recommended time mentioned by the manufacturer. Once the priming is done, you can apply a couple of topcoats of an acrylic latex paint.

Another great option is to apply epoxy paint. There are particular epoxy paint types that are only made for tiles. When using these types of epoxy paint for the ceramic tiles, you should always follow the directions carefully. One important thing to remember is that the color options for epoxy paint are very limited, so you have to choose the best color that fits the ceramic tiles in your bathroom.

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