What Are The Best Ways to Paint Ceramic Tiles?

Ceramic tile is one of most common building materials that is made from clay and has been molded into tiles and fired to create a hard surface. These types of tiles are most commonly used on floors, walls, countertops, and showers. The most important advantage of ceramic tile is that this is harder and more durable than the other tiles. As these are made from finer clays and fired under high temperatures, ceramic tiles can last for many decades.

Why paint ceramic tiles?

As ceramic tiles last for many decades, many homeowners often become weary of its color and style. However, the fact is that your ceramic tiles can be transformed by applying paint on them. You can change the look and appearance of your entire kitchen or bathroom, for example, just by applying a fresh coat of paint on the ceramic tiles.

Surface Preparation is Important:

Preparation of the surface is important when it comes to applying paint on ceramic tiles. This is because the shiny surfaces on the ceramic tiles do not mix well to the paint. Therefore, you need to sand and scuff the surfaces so that the paint sticks to the surface.

Priming is also important and you should apply a slightly thin coat of smooth primer on the ceramic tiles without making any bums or thick spots. Start with the edges and apply primer in the edges by using a delicate paintbrush and then use a short-nap roller to apply a thin coat of primer across the surface. Do not push the roller too hard and roll the same in all directions to avoid any potential edge marks.

Choosing the Best Paint Color and Type for Ceramic Tiles:

You can use any paint color on ceramic tiles and you can even custom-match the colors to other painted surfaces as well as other decorative elements in the room. 100% acrylic semi-gloss primer and paint are ideal for use on ceramic tiles. The paint and the primer should be thinned a bit before applying on the ceramic tiles. It is also important to apply several thin layers of paint to get the best results. For applying the paint, you can use paint brushes or a good quality roller. If you want to add more artistic appearance, you can use a small artist’s brush to apply paint on the grout lines by using a contrasting color once the final paint coat has properly dried.

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