What Are The Best Ways to Paint Your Exterior Bricks?

There are the times when you may want to paint your house’s exterior bare bricks. The exterior bricks have become weathered or stained over time and it is really important to apply a fresh coat of paint on the brick walls. Although painting bricks are not always advisable because the bricks are porous in nature and it is really difficult to apply paint on it. However, with modern printing technology and good quality paint, it has become very easier to paint your exterior bricks.

If you are planning to paint your brick walls, make sure you fix all the damages and cracks that are often caused due to the harsh weather condition. Also, you can keep the following things in mind when applying paint on the exterior bricks.

Clean Your Exterior Bricks:

The simplest way to clean the dirt and debris of your exterior bricks is to go for a pressure washing. However, you should use too much pressure as the extra pressure may damage the mortar. However, you can use soap or mild detergent powder if your bricks have more mildew and debris. The reason for cleaning your exterior brick walls before painting is to clear all types of dirt, grease, and loose paint.

Fix All Damages:

The next step is to fix all damages that your brick walls might have. It is important to remove all loose paint, otherwise, it is going to create a huge problem when you apply a fresh coat of paint. You can use a hard scraper if your bricks have more loose paint. However, you should never use a wire brush.

Prime the Exterior Bricks:

Another important thing is to sand the brick walls to make it smooth using a circular sander. Always use a high-quality primer for applying on the exterior brick. It is important to prime all mortars and you should especially prime those places where mildew occurred first. If required give a couple of extra coat in such places in your brick walls. Always use good quality acrylic primer and give proper time to dry the primer completely.

Apply paint on the Exterior Bricks:

Once the above-mentioned steps are done, you need to choose a good quality exterior house paint and apply at least two coats in order to achieve the best results. Just like any other walls, you should brush and roll the bricks to make sure that the paints can reach to every nook and cranny of the brick wall.

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