Why Flat Paint is usually the Best for Ceilings?

When it comes to applying a fresh coat of paint on the surface of your house, the ceiling of your room is the most overlooked part. However, the reality is you cannot avoid the ceiling forever. At some point, the old, cobwebby ceiling needs a fresh coat of paint. There are many different choices when it comes to selecting the best paint color for your ceiling. However, the confusing part is to decide which paint color will give you the high quality, professional looking ceiling of your dreams.

Before you choose the right paint for your ceiling, there are many different things that you need to consider. For example, it is important to consider the condition of your old ceiling, the material that was used to cover the ceiling, and your room’s décor. Depending on the current situation of the ceiling of your room, you should choose the paint type.

What Paint Type Should I choose for Ceiling?

In most cases, homeowners go for the flat paint when it comes to choosing the best paint for the ceiling of their room. Even the professional painters prefer to use flat paint for the ceiling because it hides all types of imperfections. Unlike gloss paint, flat or matte paint finish is not going to reflect glare from lights. Another reason why most people choose flat paint for their ceilings is that flat paint is water resistant and as a result, they are the best choice for bathroom and kitchen ceilings.

Why Flat Paint is good for Ceiling?

Actually, paint that is made for ceilings are a bit thicker than the ordinary wall paints as a result only one coat will be enough for the ceiling. Also, nowadays there are many different paint manufacturers that make flat paints especially for ceilings – it is always beneficial to use these types of paint. Also, low and non-VOC paints are now made with the one-coat coverage feature so you can use these types of thicker paint for your ceilings. Flat paints that are specially made for ceilings are designed to provide a uniform surface so that it can hide the imperfections like stains and spots and give your ceiling a clean finish. It is good to use white on your ceiling as it brightens up the room. However, nowadays paint manufacturers are offering many neutral paint colors for the ceiling, you can choose anyone from them.

Another reason why flat paint is good for a ceiling is that it is durable enough to resist peeling and cracking which is very common with an old ceiling.

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