Why does Cheap Paint Actually Cost More?

When you are planning to apply a fresh coat of paint on the surface of your house interiors or exteriors, you will get so many brands and lines to use. No matter if you are planning to do your own house painting or thinking to hire a professional painting contractor, it is important to educate yourself on the difference between low-quality cheap paint and high-quality paint. The fact is, choosing cheap paints over high-quality paints will actually lead to more time, poor result, and more cost in the long run. This is the reason why you should not consider using cheap paint.

Mentioned below are the reasons why cheap paints actually cost more:

Better Pigments:

If you use high-quality paint, you get better pigments. Most of the high-quality paints contain expensive pigment like titanium dioxide, which is a pure white powder that hides the imperfections of a surface very well. However, the cheap paints have low-quality pigments silica and clay which cannot hide the imperfections of the surface. As a result, you need more coats to hide the old paint and other imperfections.

High-Quality Binders:

High-quality paints also contain better resins or binders which allows the paint to stick better on the surface. As a result, the paint becomes more durable and lasts long. Unlike the cheap paints, high-quality paint penetrates more which is important when you are applying the paint on wood surfaces.

Less Water and Fewer Solvents:

High-quality premium paints have fewer solvents per liter versus low-quality cheap paint. Fewer solvents mean less water in the paint which magnificently affect the look and feel of the painted surface.

Cheap Paint Requires More Coats:

Low-quality cheap paints have more solvents and low-quality resins, as a result, they do not stick well to the surface. You need to apply at least two to three coats of paint, which requires more time and labor cost. You should be aware of the paint contractors that offer very low painting price, as this type of quote obviously comes with cheap paint, which ultimately ends up costing you more money in the long run.

In some cases, high-quality paint comes with primers and doesn’t require additional priming. Also, some of the premium paints contain additives that reduce mildew. This saves an entire step and you can save money by using high-quality paints.

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