Why It Is Important To Get Written Warranty on Your Exterior Painting?

When it comes to dealing with an exterior painting project, it is always important to ask for a written warranty from the painting contractor. Many paints and coating manufacturers, retailers and contractors offer a paint warranty nowadays. Warranties offered by the paint contractors are much more valuable. However, you have to understand what to look for.

Contractor Paint Warranty:

As mentioned earlier, nowadays most reputable paint contractors offer a written warranty on the exterior painting project. This type of warranty is a token that the contractors will take responsibility for the quality of their work. This is important since most paint jobs will look good when initially finished and as time passes, you see many problems with the painted surfaces.

Importance of Written Warranty on Exterior Painting:

However, you should be very careful about checking the warranty in detail since there are many inexperienced painting contractors who may also offer verbal warranties just to seal the deal, and then fail to take responsibility when the actual problem arrives. Therefore, it is important to get all the warranties in writing. It is also important that you understand all the terms and exclusions.

Once you hire a painting contractor, you are depending on his knowledge, skill, and experience. However, there are many other things that determine whether the painted surface will hold it up over the years. The success of the exterior paint project often depends on the preparation work such as making sure all loose paints are removed, surfaces are properly cleaned, and the contractors use better grade caulking and primer. If the paint contractor uses the best quality paint products that comply with the actual manufacturer’s requirements, then you shouldn’t worry much. In such cases, you can be assured knowing your hard-earned money will be well covered long after the actual exterior paint job has been done.

The paint warranty that the contractors have given should clearly mention points about these. The written warranty should clearly state that the contractor will use all standard products and take responsibility for the job he does. While it’s entirely unreasonable to expect that the painter will guarantee excellent results disregard of weathering, it is important that the contractor should provide us with a minimum warranty that covers certain defects like cracking, blistering, peeling, etc.

The Bottom Line:

It is important to go with a written warranty on your exterior painting project. You should also consider the contractor and the paint warranty together. A good and honest contractor with a written warranty will come costly, but an inexperienced cheap contractor with a verbal warranty probably isn’t worth the money.

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