Why Selecting The Lowest Cost Paint Estimate Is Not Usually The Best Choice?

When it comes to paint the interior or exterior of your house it’s not always the best idea to select the lowest cost estimate since there are potential risks in selecting cheap paint job. Actually, there are always huge differences between interior painters who are efficient in doing their job and those who just want to cut corners by giving a cheap estimate. You should always be aware of the cheap paint estimate since there is a huge list of common scams, short cuts, runarounds and price gauging that come with some painters. Mentioned below are some of the most important areas where some low cost interior painters cheat.

Wall Repair:

This is the most common area where interior painters can easily cut short to save time. Typically, most paint contracts don’t state the extent of wall repairs that will be included in the paint job. Therefore, it’s up to the painter’s will how much they will do. In case you interior walls require too much repair, they will usually point out the repairs but don’t include it in the estimate. Sometimes, they will ask you if you would like it fixed after they start your paint project and then let you know how much more it will cost.

Paint Prices:

Paint may be more expensive as you go from flat to gloss. The paint cost varies according to its quality, sheen and brand. The difference is always around $1 per gallon per sheen upgrade. Usually, flat paint is the cheapest, then comes the matt finish or eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and high-gloss paint. Furthermore, paint can get more expensive that darker it gets. This is where the dishonest painting contractor cheats the consumer. They make you deposit the amount for paint and let you pick the colors a couple of days before the project starts. If the painter goes to the store and finds out they are deep base, they are going to charge you more for the paint. Apart from that, in such cases, the primer coat is likely to be very expensive. To get rid of this problem, you need to make sure that the finishes and paints are on the contract before signing.

Paint Coverage:

There is another reason why you should not blindly choose a low cost paint estimate i.e. paint coverage. If the paint job is almost done and the painting contractor feels that your walls need another coat and it’s not in the contract, it will surely be very expensive third coat.

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