Written Warranty Importance for Exterior Paint Project

When it comes to painting the exterior of your home, it’s a major investment for most homeowners. You always want to make sure that you receive the best value for your exterior paint project, and also get a written warranty. The written waranty importance for exterior paint projects can not be overstated.

Exterior paint project is a huge responsibility, but if you choose a good paint contractor, they will always work with you hand-in-hand to find solutions and color options that improve the value of the exterior paint project.

Exterior Paint Warranties- What to Look For?

While looking for a good painting contractor, you will find a few painters who offer a written warranty on their job. There are few contractors, who offer a warranty but the same only stands for their products for a period of two years. However, a good painting contractor will always offer a warranty that takes the responsibility for the quality of their work as well as the products they use in the exterior paint project. This is vital because all paint jobs look perfect initially. But as time passes, you start to view problems. Therefore, you should always look for a warranty that covers everything related to the paint job, and that too in a written document.

Understanding the Warranty:

You should always understand the fact of what exterior paint warranty covers. For example, it is natural that the paint warranty will only be responsible for the defects in workmanship that comes within a certain time period, for e.g. 2-3 years. You should not expect the contractors to offer you a paint warranty that is responsible for extreme weather conditions such as snow, hail, roof-leaks, or any physical damage. If the contractor you are dealing with is ready to include these extreme weather conditions within the warranty, be aware. This could mean that the contractor has no intention to give you an actual warranty at all.

What Should Be Excluded In the Warranty?

It is true that a legitimate exterior paint warranty may exclude a list of damages. For example, any kind of physical damage or abuse caused due to an external force after the paint job’s completion will never be covered in the warranty. Sometimes, homeowners may request specific paint products, which may not be included in the warranty. Similarly, the paint contractors may not be willing to offer a written warranty if there is any existing structural damage in the exterior of your house or other problems.

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