How Lighting Effects Interior Paint Colors?

When it comes to undertaking an interior paint project, choosing paint colors that coordinate with the interior lights is half the battle. If you can do this in a proper manner, you can win half of the battle. When choosing a paint color for the interior walls, you need to keep the fact in mind that the natural and artificial lights in the room may affect the paint colors once they are applied.

How does light affect paint color?

You probably have experienced the fact that the paint color you use in the interior walls may look different depending on the time of the day. This occurs due to the light, which is known as metamerism. This is the reason you need to consider keeping the natural and artificial lights in mind when choosing colors for an interior paint project. The best way to select the best paint color that goes well with the light is to ask the paint contractors to provide you with some color samples. You can use the color sample to paint a small space and live with different options to understand which color is right for the interior walls.

How does Natural Light affect paint color?

Natural lights that come through the windows may affect the way colors look in the interior walls. The effect natural light has actually depended on the direction in which it is coming into the room. For example, if your room is North facing, the natural sunlight that enters in your room is soft and creates a warm effect and as a result dark colors will look darker and light color will be subdued. Also, if your room is east facing, natural Sunlight will add a bit green to your interior colors. The best way to brighten up an east facing room is to apply soft yellow on the walls.

How does Artificial Light affect paint color?

Artificial light is another type of light that may affect how paint colors appear in the interior walls. Before choosing the paint colors for interior rooms, you must test how they look in different types of artificial lights. In general, the interior rooms of your house may have the artificial lights created from a combination of incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen bulbs. Depending on the type of artificial light you are using in your room, the effect on the paint color will vary. Therefore, you need to check the sample colors with the light in your room to review how it looks under the particular artificial light.

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