How to Prepare The Interior of Your Home Before The Painter Arrives?

One of the most important aspects of interior home painting is to prepare the interior of your home before the painter arrives. As the homeowner, you know what works best for your interior. Therefore, you need to think of what order you would like your rooms painted. If you home-painting-servicehave a proper plan and prepare the interior well, it would help the professional painters ensure the quickest turnaround time and least disruption during the interior paint project.

A proper planning is required:

It is important to have a proper plan to which order you would like your interiors painted. While doing the same, you should take into consideration that some rooms will take longer than others. For example, common areas such as halls contain very little amount of disruption to the professional painting contractors. Therefore, you can plan to work in these areas first and then prepare for the next room.

Consider Low VOC Paint:

There are some painting contractors that use latex paint with low odor in which the odor goes away fairly quickly. However, if you are sensitive to paint vapors you need to plan to sleep in other areas for the night. It is also a great decision to consider using low volatile organic compound (VOC) paint. For health safety, you should keep your kids and pet out of the work area.

Remove All Fragile Objects:

You need to remove all small and delicate things from the interior rooms to be painted. Although professional painters will cover and protect the furniture and floors during an interior painting project, if there is a precious piece of furniture or an heirloom that is difficult to move, you should remove the same before the professional painters arrive. If it is not possible to remove the item, you should at least make sure to notify the project supervisor before they start applying paint.

Everything precious in the room should be covered or removed before the painters arrive. Paintings, posters etc should be taken off the wall so that the professional painters can mud over the holes. It is also important to have all electronics unplugged from the walls so that the professional painters have easier access to the painting area.

Empty The Closets:

If you have closets in the painting area, you need to empty the closet before the professional painters arrive. If you need some clothes from the closet, make sure to remove them before the paint job begins.

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