Paint That Can Be Used On Kitchen Counter Tops

One of the most important things that you can do to renovate the look and feel of your kitchen is to paint the countertops. Painting kitchen countertops are the right decision when a complete replacement is not possible for you. Updating your kitchen countertops with best qualityKitchen Counter Tops paint is a great way to achieve a new, fresh look without spending the extra cost of replacing the same entirely.

Before you apply paint on your kitchen countertops, you should carefully apply masking tape around sinks or remove them temporarily if possible. It is also important to clean the surface by using trisodium phosphate or use other chemicals according to the manufacturer’s instruction. It is also important to sand all of the laminated area by using a coarse sandpaper to rough up the surface. This is an important step of surface preparation as this helps the surface to adhere the paint well.

Once done, it is also important to prime the countertops by using an oil-based primer and a smooth roller. You need to allow the primed surface to dry properly before applying paint color on the countertops.

Mentioned below are some of the most important paint ideas that can be used for kitchen countertops:

Bonding primer with Epoxy paint:

When to use bonding primer with the epoxy coating is a subject that is often overlooked by the average homeowner when it comes to choosing the best paint for a kitchen countertop. However, according to the experts, a bonding primer must be applied to the countertop once the countertop is clean. You need to make sure that the bonding primer is completely dry and it is also important to read the label for drying instructions. The epoxy coating provides an abundance of benefits for kitchen countertops. Epoxy coating is super durable and it will withstand the wear and tear that countertops may encounter in the long run.

Stone Textured Paint:

Another great paint color option for kitchen countertops is stone textured paint. These types of paint allow for a unique option when painting kitchen countertops. With many high-quality stone textured paints available in the market, you can actually transform your worn or damaged looking laminated kitchen countertops by spending only a part of the cost of the replacement. These types of paints are also available in many different colors and have been tested to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

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