What to do with pets during interior painting

Pets and Interior House Painting

If you have pets in your house, you should be extra careful during interior painting and other house renovations. The paint contractors you select need to be mindful of your pet during the interior painting project. Interior painting can be very difficult and disturbing even for your family members. Things become more difficult and stressful when you have pets in your family. Pets are curious and can often get themselves into trouble during the paint job. Therefore, it’s important to discuss with your paint contractors the plan they might have about the pets.

Mentioned below are a few points that you should keep in mind during an interior paint project.

Create a Safe Place for The Pets:

The first thing you can do is to find a ‘safe’ place or room where you can put your pet during the painting project. The place you choose should be favorable for the pets so that they stay quiet inside the room. It gives you ample scope to keep your pets as far away as possible when the paintwork is going on. You should be extra careful about making all arrangements regarding your pet’s food, water, and litter box. You can also put some favorite toys that your pets might like in the room. It is important to prepare this safe room a couple of days prior to your paint job start date so that your pet can get enough time to make themselves comfortable in the new place.

Select a Local Kennel:

In case you have a plan to start a long-term home renovation project or an interior paint project, you can consider sending your pet to a local kennel. This is a good idea especially when you don’t a secure place in your house where you can shift your pet for long days. You can even ask any of your family members or friends to keep your pet at their home until the completion of the painting project.

Stick to Your Dog’s Routine:

In case you have no options but to keep your pets at your home during the interior painting project, you should be more careful about your pet’s health. Conventional paint fumes can be hazardous for pets and can be harmful to your pet’s eyes, nose, and respiratory system. Always keep the area properly ventilated and try to stick to your pet’s daily routine as much as possible.

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