Sheen of Your Paint Affects Color

Choosing the perfect color scheme for your home is always a daunting task for the homeowners and sometimes stressful. However, at the end of the paint job when you get a perfectly painted home, it’s truly rewarding and can make a huge difference in the look of your interior. However, the sheen of the paint affects the color, so choose wisely.

What is Paint Sheen?

Paint is actually the glossiness of the paint finish. This is important since it determines the end result of the paint job. Based on your preferences you can choose from gloss, semi-gloss, and flat paint sheen for your house. However, when choosing the paint sheen, the basic rule is to follow the higher the sheen, the higher the shine. A higher sheen actually brings a lot of durability. On the other hand, flat paint sheen gives you no shine.

How does sheen affect the paint color?

In fact, the glossiness itself can affect the apparent color. However, depending on your choice and the shine you would like to receive from the painting project, you can choose the paint sheen. For example, if you choose a darker paint scheme but don’t want a high gloss effect, you can step down at least one level in terms of the paint sheen. The darker and richer the paint color, the colorant it has, which actually helps to boost the paint sheen. On the other hand, if you have a large and imperfect wall to paint, you need to choose a lower paint sheen, because the higher the sheen, the more imperfections will show.

Homeowners often use flat paint sheen for the walls and ceilings, since a flat paint sheen is easier to apply. Also, flat paint sheen has the ability to hide the imperfections of the wall. Therefore, a flat paint sheen could be an ideal choice for outside walls, stucco, and ceilings.

High gloss paint can be used for places where there is high moisture. For example, walls in the kitchen and bathroom where there is smoke and moisture, the high gloss sheen works perfectly. The reason behind this is that high gloss paint sheen is easy to clean. Also, there are some cleaning products which can clean the dirt and grease, but at the same time can remove flat paints, so you need to consider this when choosing a paint sheen. Contact us at Sheldon & Sons to learn more about choosing paint sheen.

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